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FoolProof WorkPlace

A turnkey, web-driven group of tutorials for use with entry-level workers who have limited financial and workplace skills.

Support Education

FoolProof WorkPlace gives young adults a very broad consumer oriented understanding of the marketplace and its impact on their lives.

The target audiences for Foolproof WorkPlace are students in career and technical schools, work-related high school classes, alternative high school students and special education classes.

Businesses who employ a large number of entry-level workers and community groups that deal with the underserved will also find this program very valuable.

While these modules are primarily designed for young people under 25, virtually any entry-level worker will find them valuable.

Why FoolProof WorkPlace?

Consumers who enter the workplace directly without going to college or even graduating from high school face very tough realities:

  • Many lack core financial literacy skills.
  • Many begin their first job with impaired credit.

Both the workers and the workplace are hurt by these realities. FoolProof's WorkPlace Skills Program provides a suite of tools to deal with these problems.

What Has FoolProof WorkPlace Accomplished So Far?

Very little. FoolProof WorkPlace was one of FoolProof’s first specialty projects in 2009. We were concerned about the number of entry-level workers with limited financial skills and minimal training in workplace skills.

Because of the urgency of developing our high school curriculum and limited funds, FoolProof WorkPlace developments and updates were put on hold in 2010, and this valuable program is now in limited use.

How Can You Help FoolProof WorkPlace?

We lack one very important element before we can completely update FoolProof WorkPlace: a partner to fund the update.

If you are concerned about the skill level of entry-level workers, please review FoolProof Workplace now, but judge this project only on its concepts, not on its execution.

How Can You Help the FoolProof Foundation?

The FoolProof Foundation is currently seeking volunteers, major donations, and foundation partnerships to help us in funding our work. Please consider becoming involved and supporting ethical and effective financial literacy education across America.

The financial industry invests tens of millions to influence financial literacy messaging. FoolProof will not accept funding from any groups or individuals who might seek to influence our messaging. Our funding comes only from partnerships, donations, and grants from those who believe in our mission. FoolProof relies on these partnerships and charitable donations in order to ensure that our resources remain ethical, free and unbiased.

The FoolProof Foundation is a 501(c)(3) private operating foundation, and as such, all gifts to the foundation are entitled to a charitable tax-deduction to the extent allowable by law. The FoolProof Foundation employs best practices to ensure our fiduciary responsibility and maintains use of donor funds in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles for Nonprofits.