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Should you get all your information from one source? No way!

Other great sources are out there. That's what this page is about: resources we trust.

Should you trust these resources just because we do? Not a chance! You're a healthy skeptic; use your best judgement.

Elementary School

Money Tales Books

Authored by former FDIC Chair, Sheila Bair, this series distills complex financial topics into exciting stories for young readers. From Ponzi schemes to inflation and contracts, Money Tales helps conversations at home and in the classroom. Interested in Money Tales books for your classroom? FoolProof may be able to help get you some free books! Interested teachers can contact us for more info.

Gifting Sense

A free tool that helps children get ready for all the personal finance decisions that lie in their future  –  by helping them experience first-hand why thinking before buying is such a powerful and rewarding life skill. Through their "Does it Make Sense Score" tool, students can quickly research the true value of a possible purchase.

Middle & High School


A free, app and web based financial planning and education tool. From creating your own financial plan and modeling possible investment returns to learning about companies and careers in your neighborhood, Troutwood offers a wealth of independent planning information for free.

The Neighbormood

FoolProof's free, app-based game in partnership with Dot Dot Fire and the 2022 Institute for Financial Literacy Game of the Year. Learn how to be a healthy skeptic in a safe, ad-free environment.

College Planning

Understanding FAFSA

The Center for New York City Affairs has put together guides, videos, and other resources to help you get the most out of the student loan process. All information is free and can be personalized to your unique circumstances.

College Money Matters

Tools from a nonprofit designed to reach students and families before they start borrowing for college. From selecting a school to non-tuition expenses, this site is focused on what college-bound students need to know now.