Save it Forward

A Social Venture for Colleges and Universities

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A Social Venture for Colleges and Universities

The Save it Forward social venture helps colleges and universities promote economic equality in their communities and advance the financial literacy of participating students.

Designed in partnership between FoolProof and LMU College of Business Administration, Save it Forward combines FoolProof's industry leading online financial literacy platform with LMU CBA's institutional knowledge and expertise to provide you with a turnkey and comprehensive program from start to finish.

Save it Forward

  1. Addresses cycles of economic inequality by teaching financial literacy and life skills

  2. Cultivates relationships between participating colleges / universities with students of tomorrow

  3. Develops the mentorship skills of current students


  • "The Save it Forward initiative was designed to promote financial health and wellness to middle and high school students in the community. Thanks to FoolProof's unique messaging, it does just that. An added benefit, we realized, was the education it provides to our very own students.

    Whether addressing economic inequality in the community, cultivating impactful relationships between college mentors and younger students in the community, or enhancing the leadership skills of our student mentors, the Save it Forward program does it all."

    ~ Dean Dayle Smith, Ph.D.
    Loyola Marymount University,
    College of Business Administration

The Program

Is built upon 33 virtual, turnkey educational modules powered by FoolProof.

Your college or university student’s serve as mentors to participating youth from the community – engaging in important conversations relating to financial wellness, consumer protection, and critical thinking.

Each module is designed for middle school, high school, and college-aged learners: covering topics such as:

You Choose the Duration

  • Fall Session: 9 Modules
  • Spring Session: 9 Modules
  • Summer Session: 6 Modules
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    Pay Me for the Label!

    Marketers push status buying. FoolProof spoofs that crafty sales gimmick.
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    Hey, What Did That Fine Print Say?

    The opposite of what the ad said? Happens all the time.
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    Why Credit Cards Should Be Called "Debt" Cards:

    Because it's the truth!
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    What Would Ads Say if They Told the Truth?

    Please don't watch this if you are an advertiser.
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    Garbage in, Garbage out.

    Why do we make bad choices when it comes to our money or our welfare?
  • Educational Resources Cover Topics As...

    • Teaching Healthy Skepticism
    • Home Buying
    • Student Loans
    • Investing
    • The Importance of Credit Scores
    • Avoidance of Credit Debt
    • Banking
    • Renting
    • Marketing and Media Literacy
    • Bankruptcy
    • Taxes
    • Online Privacy and Data Protection