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The FoolProof Solo Campaign

Bringing financial literacy that works to adults

FoolProof believes poor financial literacy skills are one of the root causes of economic inequality. We exist to change that.

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Free Financial Literacy for Adults

The FoolProof Foundation believes poor consumer literacy skills are one of the root causes of persistent economic inequality. We also believe that those in greatest need of financial knowledge live in communities disproportionately affected by pay day lenders and other predatory lenders. That's why it is our mission to provide free, online, financial education (that works) to nearly 750,000 students across the United States to pursue a more equitable future.

Focused on the Future.
Working in the Present.

While our work of improving the financial lives of the next generation—our nation's youth—is well underway, there is a need to build off our existing resources to reimagine the way adults learn these life changing habits.

Financial Literacy for Adults

Solo provides tailored, web-driven, financial independence content to adults in economically disadvantaged communities across the country. It builds off our highly successful student resources to create a new curriculum specifically for adults.

Solo reimagines the way adults achieve financial self-sufficiency.

Once developed, a user will access a database of bite-sized modules that teach adults core habits of financial freedom—with each module intended to be 15 minutes or less.

  • Home Buying
  • Student Loans
  • Investing
  • The Importance of Credit Scores
  • Avoidance of Credit Debt
  • Banking
  • Renting
  • Marketing and Media Literacy
  • Bankruptcy
  • Taxes
  • Online Privacy and Data Protection

Provided to Those Most in Need

Solo will be deployed to communities through community groups, social workers, and non-profits that work with at-risk populations.

Imagine the value a free, comprehensive, online financial literacy curriculum can have for these organizations. Any organizer will have the ability to "be the teacher." We provide teaching guides for in-person learning, activity plans intended for a small group of learners and can track the progress of their enrollees through their online teaching portal.

With Your Help...

FoolProof can provide all learners—regardless of age—the opportunity to build the requisite skills, knowledge, and Habits to gain their financial freedom.


Example Modules

  • Basic Budgeting

    Are you or your family living right up to your income?

    If you are, join the club. And all club members start by working through this module!
  • Advanced Budgeting

    Lots of us struggle keeping track of our money.

    Use these tips.
  • Debt Management

    Feeling financial distress or worried about debt?

    We've got your back.
  • Gambling

    Do you gamble too much? Would you know, if you did?

    Check this out.
  • Impulse Buying

    You're going to burn over $200k on impulse buys!

    Money gone for good, wasted. That's you, if you're an average person.

    ​Can you think of better things to do with that money?
  • Value of Education

    Is college worth it—and can you really afford the financial struggle?

    Good questions. Dig in here to better understand the problems and opportunities ahead for you.

Breaking Bad Habits

By breaking away from the crowd

The FoolProof Foundation creates behavior changing educational content because of our unique approach to financial education. FoolProof teaches what other organizations cannot—and do not—because other major resources are largely funded and shaped by businesses that profit when consumers make mistakes. Think about that.

FoolProof is the only major financial literacy and life skills resources in the world based on teaching healthy skepticism and caution when making decisions that impact your money or your wellbeing.

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We are creating a future in which all learners who want to change their prospects for a more financially secure future have the tools and resources to do so—entirely for free. FoolProof Solo will provide actionable, relevant, and curated financial education aimed at adults in underserved communities.

We need your help to build an entirely new educational curriculum aimed at an adult demographic. By applying our best-in-class, proven teaching methodology rom FoolProof Academy we will develop a web-driven, highly interactive, and self-grading online education platform to increase the financial literacy of adults.

New Tax Benefit For Donors
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The CARES Act enables tax payers who take the standard deduction to deduct $300 in annual charitable contributions as an "above the line" adjustment to income. This increases to $600 per married couple, and can help reduce a donor's taxable income while giving to a cause.

Will you consider taking advantage of this unique tax benefit before the end of the year to help FoolProof create a more equitable future?


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