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Our story began in 2003, when venerated CBS news anchor Walter Cronkite befriended a young consumer advocate working in a low-income part of New York. They discussed the ramifications of systemic economic inequality within communities: while some accumulate wealth and learn important financial lessons from their families, others are not afforded the same opportunity. Under Walt's direction, that consumer advocate—named Will deHoo—went on to found FoolProof.

"It doesn't seem right,"
Will recalls saying.
"People who have the least seem to pay a greater price for their money mistakes."

Since then FoolProof has led the industry in providing free, online financial education.

The FoolProof Foundation offers brands the chance to join our pursuit to create a more equitable future through our State sponsorship apparatus.

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The FoolProof Foundation is the premier provider of financial education based on the teaching of healthy skepticism and caution. We partner with entities that share our vision of creating a more equitable future.

Share your support for the FoolProof Foundation by promoting free financial literacy in your State.

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FoolProof Classroom

Our impact

When you support FoolProof, you support the organization that leads the industry in providing free, online, financial-literacy and consumer protection education to youth across the country.


Learners of all ages in all 50 states

45 Million

Annual pageviews


Schools registered

Want to know more about our curricula and approach? Read all about it on our FoolProof for Schools page.

An investment in your community

When you become a sponsor, your organization is recognized on our State sites: the web-portal through which all students and educators in that State access FoolProof's educational content.

Our Sponsors
Sponsors also have the opportunity to link to our free, industry leading, financial literacy education directly on your site.

The best way to create a more equitable future is by empowering youth with the information to make the right financial decisions for life. Help allow us to sustain and grow our usage, impact, and offerings in your state through our Exclusive or Non-Exclusive State Site Sponsorships! Your sponsorship allows us to make investments back into the State through professional development trainings and conference speaking engagements in your area.

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Attendance at in-State conferences and financial literacy summits with co-branding opportunities.

Leading by example

From day one our approach to financial literacy has been unique. We teach consumers to question anyone or anything that impacts their money or their welfare. We teach what others do not—and frankly, cannot—as nearly all other financial literacy programs are funded or shaped by businesses that profit from consumer mistakes.

Because of our unique teaching philosophy we are the only financial literacy program endorsed by these highly regarded national consumer groups:

Logos Consumer Groups

Our independence from commercial influence is one reason our curricula earned these important endorsements. Therefore, FoolProof only partners with sponsors that support our basic tenets: the importance of healthy skepticism, the value of caution and research before spending money, and the understanding that FoolProof's voice is truly independent.

*FoolProof uses an external volunteer committee to vet and approve potential sponsors.*

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