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FoolProof for Parents

A turnkey, web-driven financial literacy resource for homeschoolers and for parents to work through with their children.

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FoolProof for Parents is a version of our high school curriculum that allows a parent or caregiver to sign up an individual young person and "follow" that young person's work.

FoolProof for Parents is a program that immerses young people in the realities of money, financial responsibility and the free enterprise system. FoolProof shows young people how each element of the free market works.

The program contains 18 core lessons, or modules, which each take approximately 30-45 minutes to complete. These modules are engaging and highly interactive. They use fresh, one-of-a-kind video and audio instruction, game breaks and music. And more importantly, the program uses peer-to-peer teaching, which means the modules only feature young people.

And the parent or grandparent is in control of the learning experience, too. A parent can monitor progress and test results while their kids work through the modules. Kids can share their learning experience with the parent.

FoolProof for Parents is a great tool for kids to get ahead in life and works perfect as a tool for homeschooling. FoolProof for Parents is tied to financial literacy standards across the country.

Why FoolProof for Parents?

How knowledgeable are kids when it comes to understanding the importance of good credit and financial responsibility? Most young people don't know much at all.

  • Millennials are the first generation with higher levels of debt, poverty and unemployment, and lower levels of wealth and personal income than the two preceding generations at the same age.
  • Currently, bankruptcies of kids under 25 make up a huge portion of total bankruptcies.
  • Many kids have ruined their credit by the time they are 16 years old, not even old enough to finish high school or be in college. This at a time where credit may determine who gets the job.
  • We believe FoolProof for Parents can help parents or grandparents protect their kids from these problems and realities and provide a tool to help their kids prepare for the future.

How Can You Help FoolProof for Parents?

The current version of FoolProof for Parents has limited user-friendly capabilities on smartphones. Additionally, in this ever changing world of technology, social interaction and financial situations, educational programs need to move with these changes. Like for our other programs (College, High and Middle school), FoolProof for Parents needs resources to be able to be kept up to date.

We lack one very important element before we can fully guarantee a 100% up-to-date FoolProof for Parents: a partner to fund the ongoing changes.

How Can You Help the FoolProof Foundation?

The FoolProof Foundation is currently seeking volunteers, major donations, and foundation partnerships to help us in funding our work. Please consider becoming involved and supporting ethical and effective financial literacy education across America.

The financial industry invests tens of millions to influence financial literacy messaging. FoolProof will not accept funding from any groups or individuals who might seek to influence our messaging. Our funding comes only from partnerships, donations, and grants from those who believe in our mission. FoolProof relies on these partnerships and charitable donations in order to ensure that our resources remain ethical, free and unbiased.

The FoolProof Foundation is a 501(c)(3) private operating foundation, and as such, all gifts to the foundation are entitled to a charitable tax-deduction to the extent allowable by law. The FoolProof Foundation employs best practices to ensure our fiduciary responsibility and maintains use of donor funds in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles for Nonprofits.