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The FoolProof Foundation 501 (c)3 leads the industry in creating financial education services that work. We're motivated to break barriers of cyclical economic inequality through education and outreach.

FoolProof University offers a unique way to do just that by creating stronger, more financially literate staff, students, parents, and communities.

Achieve 3 Goals

  1. Increase Student Retention
    Identify students at risk of dropping out of school due to financial hardships and provide the tailored educational resources needed to stay in school.
    Improve financial understanding of students, emphasizing metacognitive critical thinking skills.

  2. Engage Future Students
    Promote economic wellbeing, financial education, and healthy skepticism in the community surrounding your campus using a near-peer mentoring model.

  3. Leadership Training for Your Students
    College students leading teams of high school students in competition and goal achievement based on a custom FoolProof curriculum.

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    Pay Me for the Label!

    Marketers push status buying. FoolProof spoofs that crafty sales gimmick.
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    Hey, What Did That Fine Print Say?

    The opposite of what the ad said? Happens all the time.
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    Why Credit Cards Should Be Called "Debt" Cards:

    Because it's the truth!
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    What Would Ads Say if They Told the Truth?

    Please don't watch this if you are an advertiser.
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    Garbage in, Garbage out.

    Why do we make bad choices when it comes to our money or our welfare?
  • Educational Resources Cover Topics As...

    • Teaching Healthy Skepticism
    • Home Buying
    • Student Loans
    • Investing
    • The Importance of Credit Scores
    • Avoidance of Credit Debt
    • Banking
    • Renting
    • Marketing and Media Literacy
    • Bankruptcy
    • Taxes
    • Online Privacy and Data Protection

Holistic Approach to Financial Education

Take a coordinated, holistic community approach to improving financial education in a way that integrates into your existing programming. Based on your institution's goals, FoolProof will design offerings that teach critical thinking, healthy skepticism, and the metacognitive skills that underly good decision making.
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"Save It Forward" Community Programming

Powered by LMU and FoolProof

Allow your institution to make an impact in your community by cultivating lasting relationships between high school students and your institution. Help your students build meaningful mentorship skills rooted in financial well-being, too.

Finance Academy

An in-person financial wellness fair hosted by your college or university and powered by FoolProof. Target participants include school curriculum directors, middle and high school teachers from your local community, college administrators / professors, and community group leaders. Speakers include state teachers' pension representatives, financial planners, tax experts, college representatives financial planners, tax experts, college representatives for graduate school opportunities, and lessons in personal finance from FoolProof's Director of Education.

The goal: Provide comprehensive personal education for educators which they can implement in their daily lives.
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Financial Triage Assessment

A proprietary testing software to measure the financial wellness of a student body, identifying the students more at risk of facing financial hardship while pursuing their education. Students identified as "high risk" are provided educational content specifically designed to address their individual needs.
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  • "As a partner, FoolProof has proven invaluable in providing dynamic resources to augment our own work with educational stakeholders.

    At a time in which financial literacy and good decision making are nothing less than essential skills, FoolProof delivers in engaging and meaningful ways."

    ~ Morgan Appel
    Assistant Dean, Education and Community Outreach at UC San Diego Extension

  • "The Save it Forward initiative was designed to promote financial health and wellness to middle and high school students in the community. Thanks to FoolProof's unique messaging, it does just that. An added benefit, we realized, was the education it provides to our very own students.

    Whether addressing economic inequality in the community, cultivating impactful relationships between college mentors and younger students in the community, or enhancing the leadership skills of our student mentors, the Save it Forward program does it all."

    ~ Dean Dayle Smith, Ph.D.
    Loyola Marymount University,
    College of Business Administration

  • "We have worked with FoolProof for many years through our Finance University, educating our teachers to bring a multigenerational financial literacy approach to our West Virginia community.

    That success lead us to further our partnership with FoolProof in developing a triage assessment survey identifying those students most likely to dropout.

    Those at-risk students are given tailored online resource to help in their individual situation. FoolProof's unique messaging resonates and empowers learners of all ages."

    ~ Naomi E. Boyd, Ph.D.
    Associate Dean for Innovation, Outreach, and Engagement Fred T. Tattersall Chair of Finance Chambers College of Business and Economics
    West Virginia University

Breaking Bad Habits

By breaking away from the crowd

The FoolProof Foundation creates behavior changing educational content because of our unique approach to financial education. FoolProof teaches what other organizations cannot—and do not—because other major resources are largely funded and shaped by businesses that profit when consumers make mistakes. Think about that.

FoolProof is the only major financial literacy and life skills resources in the world based on teaching healthy skepticism and caution when making decisions that impact your money or your wellbeing.

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