Welcome to The FoolProof Foundation

The FoolProof Foundation's core mission is to teach consumers the importance of using caution, questioning sellers, and relying on independent research before spending money.

We use interactive online programs to reach different target groups.

We partner with community organizations and other not-for-profits to help us accomplish our mission and to provide the widest possible exposure to our interactive, online programs.

Free to All Consumers

Our programs are provided to all consumers for free directly by the foundation and through our not-for-profit partners.

Core Beliefs

The Foundation believes many consumers have not been equipped with the skills that allow them to successfully question sellers and make informed financial decisions. We believe that learning how to manage and save money wisely isn’t sufficient. Consumers must first learn how to spend money wisely.

The Foundation also believes low-income consumers—particularly those already impacted by credit and money issues—are at greater risk for abuses in the financial marketplace. All of our programs address this issue.

Background on FoolProof and its beliefs:

FoolProof believes businesses that profit when consumers spend money are hopelessly conflicted when it comes to supporting the development and teaching of financial literacy.

"What good does it do to teach people how to save money if they don't know how to spend money wisely?"

Yet the businesses that profit the most from consumer spending mistakes provide or underwrite the vast majority of the major financial literacy programs available to individuals or teachers.

A credit card company, for instance, cannot promote the development of a financial literacy program that teaches people to never regularly finance purchases with a credit card. Any seller can’t consistently teach potential customers to question the seller’s advertising and marketing efforts.

This conflict between the duties of a seller and the responsibilities of the consumer is a concept that is generally not taught in virtually any existing financial literacy curriculums in the United States.

Because the majority of the major curriculums currently in use were developed or funded by businesses that benefit from consumer mistakes, virtually all of these curriculums teach the mechanics of money. They do not teach the critical thinking skills that are required if any consumer is to make wise financial decisions.

FoolProof was founded to teach those critical thinking skills. We teach young people and consumers of all ages how to question every seller and every advertisement. Our curriculums are driven by a desire to help consumers make smart money decisions. We teach "What consumers really need to learn."—a comment we hear from users constantly.

What the Foundation Provides

The Foundation offers web-driven financial literacy programs based primarily on critical thinking skills rather than rote money management skills. Our programs and materials are completely pro-consumer. We advocate for the individual, not for any product, program, service or company.

Web-driven, Video-driven & Interactive

Our programs use interactivity, peer teachers, and videos to engage consumers. Our major programs are tablet and smartphone compatible.