It took me two summers to develop an entirely book-free curriculum and there is no way I could have accomplished without FoolProof.

Dear FoolProof,

Just wanted to let you know that I have retired from teaching. I want to thank you for the excellent material that you brought to my Consumer Literacy classroom during my last few years of teaching. It allowed me to throw out traditional Consumer Math textbooks and bring in fresh material that my students eagerly welcomed.

It took me two summers to develop an entirely book-free curriculum and there is no way I could have accomplished without FoolProof. Thank you so much for making my final years a pleasure and most importantly, helping my students the real value of Consumer Literacy through FoolProof lessons.

Chuck Ricevuto

Oroville High School, Orovill WA

Teachers Love FoolProof

"Great Teaching Tool"

FoolProof is a great teaching tool to foster student learning in financial literacy. The music, videos, and interactive games engage students right where they're at today in terms of technology and keep them focused on this critical material.

Sandy Deiseroth - Business & Marketing Teacher

"Up-to-date and Engaging"

FoolProof has been a good tool to supplement my classes, lining up very well with my curriculum. The titles of the modules are catchy, easy to use, and the teacher resources are very useful. It all helps engage the students in the subject manner. I have used FoolProof regularly now for about 2 years. I am always looking for up to date and engaging material for the subject, and I found it in FoolProof.

Nancy Earnhardt - Elko High School

"Stuff they talk about!"

Just to let you know that the program has been very successful here with my classes, and whenever I ask for feedback on what we have learned, it's mostly the FoolProof stuff they talk about!

Vivian Cisneros - Newcastle High School

"So impressed with FoolProof"

I am so impressed with FoolProof that I will be redesigning my curriculum for next year to feature it prominently in my FinLit instruction.

It was a real pleasure meeting you and getting access to your wonderful FinLit program last week. I started using FoolProof the next morning. I had the students take the pre-test. The highest score was a 60%, with most down at 15%. This made most of them interested in knowing more. We started Module 1 the next day.

I have two guys in my period 3 class who are never interested in anything, always bored, and generally uncooperative. It was gratifying to see them react to the first case where a check for pizza ballooned into a $4,000 plus cost. Once they got to the phishing section, they got excited enough to whoop and holler' at the little app that shows local phishing attacks in real time (I have no idea if that section is real or simulated, but it sure made an impression!). They were sharing the info and were more engaged than I have ever seen them. I had already taught them about these topics, but getting to access it "on their own" made a huge difference.

Jay-Scott Moylan - Palm Beach County

FoolProof has Helped Many

  • I'm only fourteen, and I want to just share that right now, you know, to get it out there. I'm taking your course, and I'm really impressed by what you did. It's definitely the best online course I've taken, partially because it's not a lot of stress and partially because you give game breaks! It's not too boring, either, which is considerably impressive, especially because of the topic you introduce--credit. I actually enjoy it so far, because I'm learning and it's presented so well. Is it too late or am I too young to help in some way?

    Nicole Pollack
    Smart student
  • Your website is wonderful. I can't thank you enough.

    I'm going through FoolPoof Solo as is my daughter and it has maintained her interest — a task I could never have accomplished!

    My insurance company USAA recommended you. What a blessing for me.

    Best Wishes,

    Linda Hubbard
    Happy parent

Teachers Love FoolProof

"An asset to any school's business program"

This program is a great idea to get students truly involved in their own learning process. Written in simple terms so it can be easily read by all, it is truly designed to create a 'FoolProof' student who can make positive financial decisions in the real world. I have definitely seen how high school students would benefit immensely from this program before they enter the real world. This program would be an asset to any school's business program.

Adam Robinson - Special Education Teacher

"Better prepared for their financial futures"

The students really love your online course. We are very grateful for your offering of this Financial Literacy coursework. The students were engaged, worked well collaboratively and independently, and really learned a lot about the the way our free enterprise system works. Based on conversations with them, I know my students will make much smarter choices about how to manage money as they head off to college and careers. They are much better prepared for their financial futures. Thank You!

Shawn Donnelly - Kingsborough Early College School

FoolProof Develops, Updates and Supports Continuously

  • I really love the improvements that you have made this year. They have made FoolProof work even better for me and my students.
    Cindy Streznewski
  • Thank you for the update, it is nice to know someone is listening. That is not always true for other sites.
    Deb Tinstman
  • I L-O-V-E the 'export results to Excel' spreadsheet! I had made a grid on my own to use before Christmas---but just found this addition!! SUPER!! THANK YOU :)
    Kathy Risner
    Broken Arrow Sr. High
  • The latest updates are great! The component manager is a great feature to have. Thanks for all you do to make this resource available and user-friendly to teachers. I will continue promoting Foolproof to teachers and parents as the program that truly teaches young people how to be smart with financial matters!
    Carolyn Leach
    Edison Preparatory High School

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