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Online resource to help consumers safely navigate the free market system.

Support Healthy Skepticism is a free, online consumer news website geared at consumers of all ages. The portal has a strong "keep your money in your pocket" focus and offers a variety of topics in an "on demand" format.

  • Extensive buying and consumer guides
  • Dozens of educational videos
  • In-depth articles
  • Consumer breaking news as it happens

Special projects Also Teaches Consumer Skills

  • Evaluation of marketing materials
  • Controlling your budget
  • Getting the best price for products & services
  • Proper use of emerging banking technologies
  • Avoiding scams
  • Protecting your privacy

Additionally, features topics aimed at millennials, peer-to-peer messaging included:

  • "Wedding on a budget"
  • The internet's most extensive and user-friendly student loan web resource (before, during and after college) [Goes live October 30].
  • First-time car-buying


Along with the FoolProof mantra (use caution, question sellers, rely on research), we believe that consumers need trustworthy information in order to make better decisions with their money and to have a greater chance to excel in life. We know that the financial health of the consumer directly impacts the financial health of the economy. is a safe harbor from all the clutter of scams and hyperbole out there, and also commercial-free.


What Has Accomplished So Far?

We have built a super-database with a wealth of financial and consumer topics, all available on-demand.

Just via word of mouth, our portal gets 11,000 unique visits every month, and over 150,000 page views.

Your website is wonderful. I can't thank you enough.

I'm also going through FoolPoof Solo as is my daughter and it has maintained her interest — a task I could never have accomplished! My insurance company USAA recommended you. What a blessing for me.

Best wishes,

Linda Hubbard

How Can You Help

Creating meaningful financial and consumer information is an extensive and time-consuming task. Our team works hard for provide consumers trustworthy information.

We would appreciate your help:

  • Providing or finding funds to support our work.
  • Spreading the good word about

Lastly, we would like your input on topics that matter to you. You bring in the ideas; we'll develop the education!

How Can You Help the FoolProof Foundation?

The FoolProof Foundation is currently seeking volunteers, major donations, and foundation partnerships to help us in funding our work. Please consider becoming involved and supporting ethical and effective financial literacy education across America.

The financial industry invests tens of millions to influence financial literacy messaging. FoolProof will not accept funding from any groups or individuals who might seek to influence our messaging. Our funding comes only from partnerships, donations, and grants from those who believe in our mission. FoolProof relies on these partnerships and charitable donations in order to ensure that our resources remain ethical, free and unbiased.

The FoolProof Foundation is a 501(c)(3) private operating foundation, and as such, all gifts to the foundation are entitled to a charitable tax-deduction to the extent allowable by law. The FoolProof Foundation employs best practices to ensure our fiduciary responsibility and maintains use of donor funds in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles for Nonprofits.