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Live Testing at Ariel Academy

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13 Feb, 2020

The Neighbormood Game Enters a New Phase

What: A game that teaches kids to be healthy skeptics…that teaches kids to fight impulse decisions.
That game is a reality, and it is one step closer to release.

Latest development: After a year of intense collaboration by DotDotFire and FoolProof, The Neighbormood game has entered a new phase. Our anchor testing facility, Ariel Community Academy in Chicago, just completed three days of hands-on beta testing with Ariel students and teachers.

Three Dot Dot fire team leaders and FoolProof's COO were all present for testing.

Testing at Ariel Community College

Test results, in a nutshell: Both kids and teachers wanted to keep playing.

Next step: Further testing, nationwide.

Release date: Late spring.

Interested? Contact us or use the contact form.

Our TechPartner: Aria Technology Solutions

FoolProof and DotDotFire are indebted to Aria for providing us iPads for our extensive game Beta testing. Aria has without hesitation helped us, even as our testing dates shift, and they've done it with a smile.

For more information about Aria: